Web APIs, REST and Django

Tom Christie, Tuesday May 10, 2011, 19:00 at The Skiff

Please sign up on Lanyrd if you will be attending.

This talk will cover some of the basics of the REST architectural style - what it is and what its benefits are. It'll also cover some of the thornier aspects of implementing RESTful Web APIs, touch on some areas that are still often misunderstood, and will finish by taking a look at building RESTful APIs with Django.

  • Why REST?
  • Caching - What we're (still) doing wrong.
  • Content Negotiation - One resource, many representations.
  • Why we ought to be building Web browse-able APIs - A call to arms.
  • Web APIs & Django - What tools are and aren't in the box?
  • Introduction to Django REST framework.
  • The take home - Where do we go from here?

About Tom Christie

Tom Christie is the author of Django REST framework.